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So far, I've written quite alotta stuff, so go on in and check em out


These deviations here are pretty darn awsome in my opinion. Check em out, maybe you'll like them aswell


Name: Elias Bible Straw

Nickname/Alias: Storyteller

Race/Species: I’m an enhanced clone of a human being

Current Age: How old he looks is unknown, however, he has been around since 18 BBY

Gender: male

Height: Without his suit he’s about 6 foot, with his suit he’s 6 foot 6

Weight: without his suit he’s 83 kilos, with it he’s 120 kilos

Appearance: He has greying hair aswell as a medium sized grey bears, though his eyes are a sharp blue in contrast. In terms of physique, his muscle mass is still there but he's still rather wrinkled, and the muscles seem flabby, useless.

Clothing: Other than his armour suit he doesn’t wear anything else  

Force Specialty: N/A

Lightsaber Forms: N/A

Equipment: He wears a much more advanced, and somewhat jury rigged, version of the phase II Clone trooper armour that boosts his strength signifcantly and provides protection. The differences are, rather than white, the suit is a weathered grey. His black undersuit acts as a muscle suit, allowing him to move freely with little effort unlike his usual movements without them. The armour plating over it is rather bulky and made of an incredibly durable material, ultra chrome. Under the chest plate of the armour is a life support system, with two small back up batteries to keep it working, one working if the other stops and vice versa.

His gauntlets both have strong knuckle plating, packing one hell of a punch in hand to hand combat. On his back he wears a metal backpack, containing two batteries to power his suit and personal shield. It also contains various cartridges of ammo for his different weapons, and different items he’d need to survive in different areas.

His helmet’s visor can switch between night vision, thermal vision, as well as a HUD to show how much ammo and power he has. It contains a filtration system, and as well as a rebeather system, allowing him to breath with little difficulty, and a filtration system to allow him to breath while in polluted areas. His hemet also has the means to communicate with people via radio

He often has 5 bacta tanks, two data pads, and a splicing tool.

Lightsaber(s): N/A

Other Weapons: Under the left knuckle plating is a vibroblade, and the right knuckle plating is a blade made of cortosis.

He has a DC – 17 blaster rifle, but he had created and added on a flame thrower to it’s under barrel. He also uses a DH-17 blaster pistol, he had modified it so it fired three shots with one pull of the trigger.

He keeps about 5 thermal detonators in his back pack, as well as 3 detpacks.

Occupation: Bodyguard and storyteller

Biography: As the clone wars neared it’s end, those at kimono decided to turn their energy away from making more clones, more to modifying them. At the time, clones were able to be mass produced, took little time and little resource to make them into the fine army the republic needed to defeat their enemies, though they had very short life spans, and if it came to a point where in the future where they no longer had the resources to make clones, and they needed the clones, then they would have a real problem.

The one clone they had made capable of living longer than a measly 25 to 50 years was long since gone, having become the legendary Boba fett. So, they needed to make a new long living clone from scratch, and then try to use him as a template for many other long living clones. Thus, multiple months later, having gotten the DNA from a volunteer, (who, coincidently, was also a story teller), they began their work. Despite being an expert in cloning, attempting to somehow lengthen the life span of an artificial being was like trying to hit a fly with a blaster pistol while blindfolded, very difficult indeed, it’d take some heavy luck to pull it off.

Unfortunately, they never got to see the fruit of their labour, the infamous order 66 was issued. Every Jedi commanding clones were killed off, the droids were destroyed, and to make sure the rebels didn’t get the smart idea of cloning their own army, all known cloning facilities were purged, including the one on Kamino.

Having thought their mission a success, the obedient clone troops went off to help transform the republic into the galactic sith empire. Only problem is, they weren’t exactly thorough with their job. The clone the experts had been making was merely half done by all accounts, they weren’t sure just how long a life they had sentenced the poor clone to live.

Thus, amidst the runes and corpses of kamino, a baby lay, helpless, defenseless, and seemingly with no future.

Even so, it’s rather curious how destiny decides to work, isn’t it? A couple of days passed, and a curious scavenger made their way into the facility, wondering what tech they could pilfer from the corpses of machines, and what riches she could pilfer from actual corpses. Instead of tech and money as she had thought, what she ended up finding was a sniffing baby, sick from being free to the elements for so long.

It’s still unclear why the scavenger had decided to take the clone with her off the planet, maybe it’s because the clone was rather cute as a baby, maybe the scavenger had a weakness for children. Either way, the young scanvenger found herself adopting a young baby boy.

Naming him Elias Bible Straw, the scavenger left Kamino to head back to wandering the galaxy

Ten years of relative peace came and went, in the background the empire firmly grasped the universe and took over one planet after the other, this didn’t truly affect the scavenger and her son though, she just went by like she usually did. As they went along, Elias found himself seeking different holocrons to see the stories of yore and old. He learnt of Jedi, sith, galactic armies and many other things, one could say he was addicted to new knowledge and stories.

The scavenger left the young boy to obsess with his stories, while she was dealing with needing to get enough money to get the two by. Eventually, the two settled down at alderan, the scavenger selling her ship off to buy themselves a home they could live in peacefully, the two having two different jobs to sustain their life style. While the scavenger stayed faithful to her job, the young Elias found himself getting fired over and over, typically due to him spending so much time reading about different clone troopers and heroes.

Eventually, Elias decided it was time to up and move, stable jobs weren’t good enough for him, he would go off and try to get, and possibly spread, as many stories as he could. Kissing his adoptive mother goodbye, he took a ship off planet, heading off to Coruscant so he could get a job spreading stories, maybe learn how to finally use a gun.

2 years later, he heard a story that broke his heart. His mother, along with his former home, had been destroyed by the empire, simply to make a damn point, to prove to the galaxy that they should be taken seriously. Thus, he put his plans of working in libraries and sharing stories on hold, and made his way off to fight in the rebellion.

Despite having not been trained to use weaponry, or how to be a soldier, he found training to be a rebel soldier surprisingly…fulfilling, as if he was made to do it. Granted, he was a clone, he figured he had been made to fight before, but he never thought trying it would feel so uplifting. A year or so of harsh training later, Elias became a full fledged rebel soldier, having been assigned as a combat engineer due to his knack for fixing and even modify different vehicles and weapons.

For years and years he fought on the front lines, earning many different war stories aswell, soon the empire crumbled, and Elias spent many years in the 40s of ABY hunting down the last war criminals of the empire. By the time he was done fighting, the rebels had one, the empire was no more. With that, Elias disappeared all together, claiming to his friends he would share his stories to those who’d hear it, possibly learn a few as well until the day he died.

260 years later, Elias was still living, much to his surprise, and though he was an old man he still had his skills, his wits, and a very very large amount of stories. Figuring he was nearing his end as it got harder and harder for his body to cope on it’s own, he decided to donate all the stories he had written down to libraries across the galaxy, before taking on his new armour and going off to find his last story. From what he had seen, the Jedi and sith have been fighting with each other again, maybe he will get his story there?

Only time will tell.

Personality: Elias is a very talkative person at times, but he’s friendly, kind and willing to help others even if it’s inconvenient for him. He’s very patient, but rarely professional as a body guard, nor as a soldier.

Strengths: Elias is a very experienced soldier with a number of kills under his belt, his intuition gained from tonnes of past experiences allows him to deal with different situations.

He’s also a rather talented engineer, able to repair most mechanical things, possibly able to dismantle them too

Weaknesses: He’s still an old man. Without his suit, he would be absolutely useless when it comes to a fight

Ships: He uses an advanced and modified combat utility vehicle. The ship is the same as it is usually, with two laser and ion cannons. He modified it by adding a powerful shield to it, communication capabilities, a medical droid, as well as areas in the ship in which he could modify his weapons and armour. He got the ship originally as a reward for telling stories about clone fights from the son of a very rich ship collector
Name: Pax Maroon Mashiba  

Nickname/Alias: Deathstrike, or Shadow

Race/Species: She is a member of the zabrak race

Current Age: 29

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: she weighs about 60 kg

Appearance: She has mainly brown skin with black lines arching from down her face and across her jawline, she also has sharp red eyes that contrast against this. She has about 8 horns protruding from her head, two on the front which are notable sharper than the rest. Her facial features are somewhat soft, but the multiple ghosts of bruises across her cheeks and forehead have left faint remissions within the skin, making those areas rougher to touch. In addition, she has a large burn that runs across the left side of her face and goes down to her collar. In addition to the burns she has whip scars across her back and legs, as well as a white tattoo across her right thigh, a reminder of her past owner.

Clothing: Her default outfit when off duty is to wear a black hijab style hood, her horns peaking out through holes made in the cloth, as well as a black leather sleeveless vest and a long sleeved grey undershirt which is made of wool. She sometimes wears a black skirt that goes to her knees, and grey leather boots ontop of that, when she’s not wearing a skirt she wears black leather trousers.

When she’s on duty, she wears a blank black helmet with a shock trooper style visor and simple yet black slim armour plating across her forearms, torso and shins. The armour is thin, but durable, with multiple scratches and cuts notable along the surfaces. The gloves are fingerless to allow ease of access, but they’re also padded to quiet movement. The boots are made in away to allow independent tow movement (in other words ninja shoes), and are also cushioned to soften the noise. She wears a black belt with holsters for the weapon, and a magnetic part of her back that allows her to clip rifles to it when need be. Finally she wears a scarf made of similar texture to the camouflage poncho

It should also be noticed that the clothing for her in mission gear is made of shadowsilk.

Force Specialty: N/A

Lightsaber Forms: N/A

Equipment: She has a rifle styled grappling gun, a temporary personal invisibility cloak that lasts for 5 minutes (2 posts) and has a 20 minute recharge (4 posts), and a mark IV recon droid, custom built with a cloaking device. She also has a comm piece that can stealthily listen in on other over air conversations, and she has a splicing tool and datapack  

Lightsaber(s): N/A

Other Weapons: She uses a Magna Caster 100, a silent yet deadly long ranged version of the bow caster (she had painted it black), if not the bow then she uses a collapsible E-11 sniper rifle.

She also has both a Prax Arms protector PRP Hold–out shooter and a prax arms protector stealth -2vx palm shooter style dart guns, the darts containing drugs that poison or knock out victims.

She keeps 3 v-1 thermal detonators, and 4 time activated or motion sensor detpacks  

For close range encounters, she keeps Czerka vibroknuckles and a Merr-Sonn Z2 Stun baton

Occupation: Mercenary, bounty hunter, assassin, smuggler

Biography: Pax Maroon was born under unfortunate circumstances. Both of her parents were the slaves of a powerful hutt, who had rose through the slums of Reeche on the terraformed asteroid Hanoon. The Hutt, naming himself Babidi (whether or not such a strange name was actually his is unknown) had multiple slaves obeying his every whim, he allowed them to have children and stay under his “protection” as long as they lived to serve him, which many did.

Thus, when Pax was born, she was thrust into a life of servitude. Unfortunately for her, due to her attractive features, she was made to do things significantly beneath the pride of her race, dancing to entertain the hutt and his equally disgusting guests, feed the fat bastard still living creatures, and “entertain” others through other means. Every time she tried to resist, the hutt’s men would make her kneel before him, with no clothes for dignity or privacy for secrecy, and he would beat her with his terrible whip over and over until her back was bloody.

Despite the whip, she continually resisted whenever she had the chance, feeling that the whip was no longer good enough for her, Babidi decided to punish her by trying to starve her into submission. This went on for weeks on end, and while her pride acted as her armour from more whips and her determination was enough to feed her…she was beginning to need real food.

And thus, at the age of 14, that’s when she began to learn to steal. At first she was tentative, taking small things the gaurds wouldn’t notice, a pinch of bread, small creatures, anything that would feed her but fit in her palm. But soon, this became harder and harder to survive on as, due to her lack of surrender, Babidi starved her even more. A month later, she decided to bet all or nothing, and go steal more.

At the time, Babidi was having a guest over, from what she heard the geust was an influential man of sorts, who and how? She wasn’t sure. But she knew he was staying over for a week, so she only had a limited window. When she tried to persuade other slaves to escape, unlike her, they didn’t risk it, not even her parents. Feeling betrayed and angered, she focused herself, and decided to sneak onto his ship and escape on her own.

One night, as it was dark, she used one of her horns to pick the lock of her cell, and snuck past Babidi’s gaurds, before reaching the ship after what seemed like a tense amount of hours. It was frightening, it scared her, but she did it, she finally did it! She could escape, she could fly off…but she’d leave her family, friends, everyone she has ever known.

No matter how much she tried to persuade herself, she couldn’t do it, she couldn’t abandon everyone. Thus, she was about to sneak out, until she ended up bumping right into someone. Babidi’s geust. She was about to fight him, but he promptly took her out with one swell move, without touching her he lifted her into the air, her air ways closing off as he stared at her silently.

When it seemed like he was about to kill her, he let her go, telling her he was there to kill babidi and was going to use her if she was of use. Feeling she had no choice, or at least it seemed like she did not, she decided to help him on one condition, he let her kill him. He agreed to do so.

Thus, the next day, when she was back in her cell, she was called up to the guest by Bibidi, wanting to be used as “entertainment”. Somewhat nervous, unsure as to whether the man had been lying and planned to use her as a toy, or was going to agree to his deal, she went up to meet him. Turns out it was worse than she thought, Bibidi planned to hand her to him as a gift, a “token of good will”, and with that the two were sent out. By now she had given up hope, she was escaping one life of slavery into another, her dreams of freedom were over.

This fear disappeared as the man held her hand and something smooth slid into the palm of her hand, the man closing her hand around it and whispering “point it at him and squeeze”. As the two went to the exit, she pointed her hand right at him, yelled out something rather vulgar, and squeezed. She wasn’t sure what’d happen, was it a gun? Was it a trick?

She had no idea, but all she knew was she felt something slide between her fingers, Bibidi’s eyes widened. And then he exploded in a downfall of blood and guts. In a flash the man moved around, red light shining from his hand as he zipped and danced around the gaurds. Moment’s later, the room was filled with corpses of blood, the man’s red lightsabre singing somewhat with the blood evaporating from it’s surface.

With that, he left her to her own devices, leaving her and the rest of the slaves to their freedom.

That was over 8 years before. At the age of 24, she had moved on from her slavery, and was now fighting as a pit fighter in the underground of tatooine. It had taken her a while to get there, but she had done so, winning her fights in multiple fighting pits on multiple planets. Known as the Shadow, she snuck around her enemies, attacking from behind, above, the darkness. She had started her training of stealth ever since she had snuck about in the under belly of Babidi’s home. Now she was an expert in it.

Just after another victory, she received a message from a fan, wanting to speak to her privately and pay her for her time. Seeing no reason not to, she went along to meet the fan. Imagine her surprise when she saw the same man who had saved her from her slavery. Introducing himself as Draken, he explained to her that he wanted her talent to assassinate someone, and was willing to pay a significant amount of money for her to do so. No way was she going to turn that idea down.

Thus, she moved from pit fighter to assassin and mercenary, working for anyone willing to pay enough for her. Working for that long gave her tons of experience in this, and enough money and opportunities to spread her reputation.

And thus, that was how Pax moved from defiant slave to successful mercenary, and she continues her mercenary work to this day

Personality: Pax is a sarcastic and blunt woman when speaking to people she didn’t trust, and she rarely trusts anyone at all, but when you get past her cold exterior her inside…is just as blunt and sarcastic, she’s just less insulting and cold towards people.

Strengths: Due to spending a majority of her life as a slave who was whipped, she has a very high tolerance to physical pain. She also specializes in stealth and stealth kills, sneaking up on opponents and taking them out silently.

Weaknesses: When it comes to direct confrontation, she’s at a disadvantage due to her smaller size and physique. It’s not difficult to over power her and toss her about the place, hence why she tries to surprise her opponents. She also ends up physically panicking whenever she sees a whip, or any form of a whip.

Ships: She uses a Z-10 seeker ship, on one of her assassination missions, her cover was blown and she was forced to make an escape, with no other option, she snuck upon the nearest ship and flew off, this ship being the seeker, or the “Courier” as she named it afterward.

The ship uses a fabritech sensor cluster and two blastech industries laser cannon. She fitted the ship with a medical bay so she could get patched up when she needs it.
[ ] You know how to make a pot of coffee. 
[ ] You keep track of dates using a calendar. 
[ ] You know how to change the oil in a car. 
[x] You've done your own laundry. (yeps)
[ ] You can vote in an election. 
[x] You can cook for yourself. 
[/] You think politics are interesting. (sometimes lol )
Total: 2.5 

[ ] You show up for school late a lot. 
[x] You always carry a pen/pencil in your bag/purse/pocket.
[ ] You've never gotten a detention. 
[X] You have forgotten your own birthday. (yeaaaaah it was awkward when i forgot it was my birthday when i was 13 until 1pm)
[x] You like to take walks by yourself.
[X] You know what credibility means without looking it up.
[X] You drink caffeine at least once a week. (caffiene's in soda no?)

Total: 5

[x] You know how to do the dishes 
[x] You can count to 10 in another language. 
[/] When you say you're going to do something you usually do it. (sometiiimes)
[ ] You can mow the lawn.
[ ] You study even when you don't have to. (when i don't need to? hells no)
[ ]You have hand washed a car before.

Total: 2.5

[x] You can spell experience without looking it up. 
[ ] The people at Starbucks know you by name. 
[x] Your favorite kind of food is take-out. (chinese fother mucker)
[x] You can go to the store without getting something you don't need. (Pretty much lol)
[ ] You understand political jokes the first time they are said. (nnnnope)
[x] You can type pretty quickly. (Yyyyyyyep)

Total: 4

[ ] Your only friends are from your place of employment. 
[ ] You have been to a Tupperware party. 
[x] You have realized that practically no one will take you seriously unless you are over the age of 25 and have a job. (mhm)
[ ] You have more bills than you can pay.
[x] You have been to the beach. (ayeup)
[x] You use the internet every day. 
[ ] You have been outside 3 or more times a day. (nnnnope)
[x] You make your bed in the morning. (usually yes)

Total: 4

Total age: well well, i'm 18. Funny since i'm going to be 18 in 4 days XD



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
Yo, hows it hangin? The name's Zoje, but online im known as Zojen (or Zojen the trojan). I've been on DA for quite some time now and i love it :D. i joined so that i could share some stories and make a few friends. I'm an ameture writer, usually writing stories, but occasionally writing some (very bad) poetry. Due to me having a mild case of dyspraxia, i can't control fine movements with my hands, meaning i can't draw at all :(. Ah well, not like it matters that much anyway. While I may be a writer, i also can do some voice acting (i can do a very good impression of the demoman in tf2 and Mario), and i can do some acting aswell (so far, in my school plays i've been the lead character twice and i got put in some play in london).

Current Residence: London, england
Favourite genre of music: hip hop and rap
MP3 player of choice: there are diffferent types!?
Favourite cartoon character: um, chowder
Personal Quote: Courage is the magic that turns a dream into reality

A = French kisser
B = Good kisser
C = Will kick your a$$
D = Very very easy for people to like
E = Crazy as heck
F = Loves it hard
G = Can kick your a$$
H = Freaking hot
I = Everyone's best friend
J = Hot
K = Crazy
L = Beautiful eyes
M = Very good kisser
N = Cool person
O = Different
P = The best at all sports
Q = An animal lover
R = Beautiful/handsome
S = Darn sexy
T = Easy to fall in love with
U = Will make you laugh till your sides burst
V = Most amazing kisser EVER!
W = Makes people laugh
X = Never lets people tell them what to do
Y = Can be funny and dumb at the same time
Z = Loved by everyone

Z = loved by everyone
O = different
J = hot
E = crazy as heck

Never have i seen a more accurate description of me :D

Sonic fancharacters:

Zojen the hedgehog
Tachalla the bat
Anti the hedgehog
Broxton the human
Baws the turtle

DBZ fancharacters:

Orian Mark 7 the android

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achieved for: Being defeated by Jeff Robotnik, you're childhood friend, as Blaze and Silver

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:thumb386675569::thumb386685967:<-- Zojen then hedgehog, my first and main sonic fan character

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