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***Sonic's location and POV***  
Sonic flipped in mid-air and landed on the metallic floor with a large clang. He stood up straight and looked around to see he was in a large metal semi-circular hallway with a single line of strong lights on the ceiling, the walls were painted red with grey strips on each side of the hallway and every few metres there was a picture of Eggman's logo. "Well, this proves that Eggman's behind this at least" thought Sonic before looking up and down the hallway "Which way do I go I wonder?"
Sonic took out a coin and he was about to flip it when he heard the march of several feet heading towards him. With a smile, Sonic pockets the coin before folding his arms and standing where he was as several red and black eggbots with guns mounted on their shoulders marched towards him.    

Sonic made no move to act as they circled him, the red laser pointers of their guns focused on his head. "HO HO HO!" laughed Eggman from the speakers "Sonic! You've finally shown…strange, you look different"
"It's my new look, you like it?" asked Sonic with a smile, purposefully baring his fangs as he did so.
"Well, it's most certainly different" said Eggman "Anyway, you're not going to stop me this time Sonic. My flan is pull proof!"
"Um, I meant my plan is… oh never mind you know what I meant" sighed Eggman "You're not going to threaten this plan Sonic, my eggbots will take care of you!"
"Eggman, we've been at this for over 20 years. When are you going to learn that a small squad of eggbots won't be enough to take me down?" asked Sonic
As soon as he said this, several holes appeared in the ground and several more eggbots popped out from them, their shoulder mounted guns training on Sonic.
"Is that better?" asked Eggman before laughing "Have fun!"
With that the intercom turned off and Sonic unfolded his arms.
"Don't worry Eggman, I will"  

Sonic clenched his fists before rushing forward into an eggbots and slamming his fist into the eggbot's head before bouncing off of it and slamming his knee into another eggbot's head, destroying it. All the eggbots began to open fire, but Sonic ran so quickly, all the eggbots succeeded in was shooting themselves to pieces. Sonic stopped in front of an eggbot and punched his fist into its chest before turning around and using it as a shield and he charged through several of the eggbots, smacking them out of his way as if they were nothing. Sonic zoomed past the rest of the eggbots before spinning around and flinging the one he was using as a shield at the rest of the bots, destroying quite a few.    The eggbots quickly tried to organize themselves into a lines before they began to fire at him, but Sonic smirked and with several swift hand movements, caught all the bullets that were thrown at him before swiftly tossing them back, the bullets slamming into the bots, some hitting internal components, causing some of the eggbots to explode. Sonic dropped the rest of the bullets before crouching down onto one hand and one knee and looking up at the last few eggbots who had their weapons trained on him.
"I hope you're ready for this!" he exclaimed before suddenly disappearing The eggbots began to look around, confused, but suddenly one of the eggbots heads crumpled in on itself and several fist shaped dents suddenly appeared in its chest before it fell to the floor. The last few eggbots exchanged nervous glances until one by one they fell to the floor, destroyed by an unseen force. Eventually there was only one left, and it was shaking, scared out of its wits. Sonic appeared right behind it, now that he wasn't moving so quickly he was visible once more.  

He tapped the eggbot on the shoulder, causing it to turn around and receive a face full of a fist that was travelling faster than the speed of sound. The eggbot fell to the floor before it's head hit the ground a second later, several metres away. Sonic looked around at his handy work before smiling to himself and looking at his fist. Ever since he had changed because of what happened with the unstable chaos emeralds, Sonic found himself being stronger, faster. And he was loving every second of it. Sonic laughed out loud before turning around and sprinting down the hallway, sure he'd find something as he ran  

***Big's location and POV***  

Big landed in the water with a very loud splash, large waves rippling across its surface as Big sank beneath the water. Big quickly swam to the surface before sucking in a large breath of air. Big then looked around, trying to figure out where he was. From the looks of it, he was in a big cavern and he was in a giant lake inside it. But where was land? There wasn't any as far as Big could see, and Big could see quite far, the lake was huge. As big looked around, Froggy popped out from the water in front of him.
"Froggy!" exclaimed Big with a smile before petting him
"You know a way out of here?" asked Big
"Ribbit, ribbit"
"But I can't follow you down there! I don't know how to breathe in water like you" said Big before sighing "If only I was a fish. Hang on a second, maybe if I put on a fish costume I could swim under water like you!"
"You're right, that's a bad idea. I don't even know where to get a fish costume!"
"Ribbit, ribbit"  
"Okay Froggy. I'll just hold my breath" said Big  

Froggy dived under the water and Big took a very, very, very, very (me: you get the idea) big breath before he dived underwater, following Froggy down into the depths of the lake, making sure to stick close to the robot arm so he'd know which way to go for air in case he got lost. As Big swam, he noticed that there weren't many fish out and about.
"I wonder why? Maybe they're afraid of my fishing rod" thought Big
While Big was thinking about this, he failed to notice Froggy rapidly swimming towards him and away from something. Big held Froggy in his hands as Froggy quickly looked back at the dark depths of the lake.
Big looked down and then he discovered the reason why there were no fish down in the lake. A giant robot red and black fish with eggman's logo on its forehead lunged out from the darkness and snapped its jaws around Big, swallowing him whole. Big and Froggy where swept into a large room before smacking into a metal wall. Big kept his mouth closed and watched as the water slowly sank as it was drained out. When the water was all gone, Big let out his breath before taking a few minutes to catch his breath.
"Silly fish, fish aren't meant to eat cats, cats are the ones that eat fish!" Big finally exclaimed as he got to his feet "
"Yes Froggy, I know we're in a robot fish" sighed Big as he picked up Froggy "What am I stupid?"
Big felt hurt.  

"Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit" said Froggy
"You think this thing has a steering wheel?" asked Big "But I don't know how to drive robot fish"
"I guess you're right Froggy" said Big "Trying to find the steering wheel is better than sitting in its mouth"  Big put Froggy back in his pouch before walking down a large corridor leading away from the fish's mouth. Meanwhile, in the control room for the fish, two eggbots watched Big leave through the monitor on the wall.
"BUT I SENT THEM LAST TIME" replied the eggbot angrily "YOU SEND THEM"
"WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS ACTING LIKE AN IMMATURE CALCULATOR?" asked the eggbot before face palming  
"BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU RECEIVE" replied the eggbot as he got up from his chair and went off to find the eggbot task force.  

Meanwhile, Big stood in front of a map of the inside of the robot fish, trying to figure out which way he was going. Big placed his finger on one of the words and squinted as he tried to read it. "Y, yo, you, a, are" said Big, obviously having trouble reading.  That may have something to do with the fact that he could barely read. Froggy poked his head out of Big's pouch before saying "ribbit"
"You are here?" asked Big "I know I'm here, but where is the steering wheel to this thing?"
Froggy hopped out of Big's pouched and landed on the map before placing his tail over a room that had the words (in bold red no less) CONTROL ROOM.
"Froggy, you're like a brain scientist or something!" exclaimed Big, quite impressed "Ribbit"
"You're welcome. So which was is it?"

Big put Froggy in his pouch and was about to go the way the map told him to go when he heard several metallic footsteps coming down the hallway. Big turned around to see a group of dark black and bright red eggbots, rifles in their hands. Big cocked his head curiously as the eggbots stopped in front of him and pointed their rifles at his head.
"STAY WHERE YOU ARE" commanded the lead eggbot Big took a step forward "I SAID STAND STILL" He took a step back.
"WHY AREN'T YOU LISTENING TO ME?" "Well duh, you weren't saying "Simon says"" replied Big matter of factly "Don't you know anything?"
The eggbot shook its head before looking up at Big again. "OH FOR THE LOVE OF. FINE, SIMONS SAYS: YOU FOLLOW US"  
Big nodded with approval. "Now you're getting it!" he exclaimed The eggbot sighed before turning around and going down the corridor with Big right behind them.  
Okay, okay. I managed to get all my files off my computer, so here is the part of the chapter that i didn't submit.

rest of the chapter: [link]
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